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The schedulix Enterprise Job Scheduling System really stands out with its host of requisite functions for smooth-running IT process automation.

This is absolutely crucial, because if any lacking functions have to be implemented by the user in the managed processes, this will lead to a loss of transparency and flexibility and result in greater susceptibility to errors.

schedulix features the necessary full range of functions so that the code developed by the user can be kept entirely free of any aspects of workflow management. All the constructs required for visualising the program logic at Enterprise Job Scheduling System level are provided by schedulix:
  • Variables and parameters
  • Sequences
  • Branches
  • Loops
  • Parallelisation and synchronisation
  • Exception handling
  • Modularisation
This provides maximum support for process decomposition, which involves breaking down a process into several sub-processes controlled by the Enterprise Job Scheduling System.
This has the following advantages:
  • Reduced development costs
  • Transparent and manageable solutions
  • Improved maintenance and portability
  • Focus on the technical tasks
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved performance of the overall system
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