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(schedulix == BICsuite BASIC)
schedulix lays down ground-breaking standards for the professional automation of IT processes in advanced system environments.

From simply starting a program at any given time, through to complex processes involving thousands of interdependent applications: schedulix not only generates, monitors and logs all the relevant processes, it also elevates the efficiency, quality and reliability of your IT operation to new levels.


12/15/2021 schedulix not affected by Log4j security vulnerability mehr...
05/01/2021 schedulix 2.10 released more...
05/13/2020 RHEL8 RPMS for schedulix 2.9 now available more...

Open Source

Released under the AGPL licence, schedulix is functionally identical to the BASIC edition of BICsuite, the commercial enterprise job scheduling system developed by independIT Integrative Technologies GmbH. Feature-rich BICsuite BASIC has been proving its value in large-scale heterogeneous network environments for many years on account of its stability and reliability in productive use.

Up until now, developers have searched in vain for a job scheduling system that is suitable for setting up an open source system stack. schedulix fills this gap.

independIT would like to take this opportunity to thank the open source community. Without its members' work on Linux, databases, web servers and development tools, to name but a few fields, developing the BICsuite scheduling system would have been absolutely inconceivable. schedulix is independIT's contribution to the community.

Since July 2013 independIT is a member of the OSBA (Open Source Business Alliance)